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Risk Advisory


'Advancing Resilience'


Advancing Resilience 

Our consultants can assist by providing expert advisory on critical security issues such as security resilience, risk, threat & vulnerability assessment, security measures and turnkey implementations. In addition to our standard security consulting and management, we also develop, support and provide customized cyber security solutions to address specific corporate needs. By prioritizing the integration of security strategies and emerging technologies, we develop effective solutions for any enterprise security concerns. Our consultants use proven models to provide accurate assessments of risk, threats, and vulnerabilities and the consequent mitigation strategies. In addition to conducting comprehensive assessments, we assist in resolving business continuity plans, contingencies measures, emergency procedures and crisis management.


Executive Protection

Executive Measures also provides clients with the professional Executive protection services and has the capacity to protect key personnel, executives and assets for governmental departments, MNC corporations and international organizations operating in the Asian region. Our protective measures centers on taking a comprehensive approach involving threat analysis, advance planning and protocols, logistical sophistication designed to balance the comfort level of our clients with proper security procedures, and thorough emergency response and crisis mitigation. Our approach promises a fine balance of staying unobtrusive and implementing the necessary protective measures across all areas.

Risk Advisory Services

  • Risk Consulting

  • Executive Protection

  • Security Resilience

  • Risk Intelligence

  • Asset Protection

  • Cyber Security

  • Anti-Terrorism

  • Business Continuity

  • Crisis Management

  • Red Teaming

Assistance Services


'Assistance for Life'

Travel, Medical and Security Assistance 

We provide global and regional assistance services enabling our clients to work more securely and safely in their area of operations. We provide assistance services in both emergency and non-emergency situations through our reliable team of operatives. Our Assistance services are available 24/7 provided through Security Awareness, Personal Protection, Travel, Emergency and Medical assistance as well as support services. When a critical event impacts your assets, we provide the necessary advisory, response and recovery plans. By partnering with the client organization we create a comprehensive Assistance program with customized measures specific to the enterprise needs.

Crisis Assistance and Response 

Our Assistance team can respond in emergency situations and attend to every critical need of clients in distress at every level, anywhere anytime. We have identified the need and developed assistance teams to respond and assist the client for emergency situations, either crime, terrorism, life emergencies, medical or distress incident that may pose a significant impact to our clients.


With all of the emergency and unplanned events that can have impact on clients, having Assistance teams in strategic areas are essential to ensure that core mission of client’s security and safety is protected at the utmost importance. Our Assistance services when coupled with proactive measures outlines a blueprint for any person or organization to quickly recover and restore critical functions after an unexpected event.


Assistance Services

  • Travel Assistance

  • Medical Assistance

  • Security Assistance

  • Global Travel Assistance

  • Inbound Travel Assistance

  • Travel Risk Advisory

  • Safe Monitoring

  • Evacuation & Extraction

  • IOT Integration


 Assistance Services Integration


  • Advisory Services: Our consultants can help you build or advance your personal safety programs, allowing you to prepare, manage and minimize potential crises scenarios

  • Critical Monitor: We monitor the region on your behalf, providing 24x7 proactive threat monitoring, critical alerts, crime news and advice based on regional updates.

  • 24/7 Response: Our highly-trained response operators maintain a dedicated 24x7 hotline for emergency, security and medical response and support, based on specific protocols.

  • Centralized operations: Command, control and communication center to expedite response to emergency calls and field operations.


  • Updates: Live feeds on medical, travel, security incidents, threat warnings, crime, terrorism and disaster related information.

  • Recovery: Our Assistance operatives are ever ready to provide support and recovery services to any eventualities as needed.

  • Mobile App Integration: Our Assistance App provides access to timely alerts on threats, important notices specific to, destination, intelligence, and response assist button.

Executive Concierge


'Access without Borders'


Professional Services 

Our Executive Concierge services provide personal and professional errand services to corporate and non-corporate clients. These services provide all aspects of assistance to our client’s personal or business needs, from administrative support to event planning and travel organization. Executive Concierge services enable us effectively to maximize and produce results for our clients.


Support Network

Whether it is to support the clients or their key personnel, Executive Concierge services enables increasing of productivity and profitability. Our concierge services provide invaluable support to ensure smooth operations for our clients in the region. By leveraging on our close industry networks and association with global partners, we have the resources to carry out any request to the exact requirements. Our concierge program is suited for the individuals and business organization that require personalized services for specific concierge needs.


Executive Concierge Services

  • Business Support

  • Task Management

  • Administrative Services

  • Personal Assistant

  • Personal Protection

  • Asset Management

  • Business Referrals

  • Lifestyle Services

  • Specialist Services

  • Medical Support

  • Hotels & Accommodation

  • Airport Facilitation

  • Liaison Services

  • Travel Guides

  • Translators

  • Transportation

  • Drivers

  • Courier Service

  • Recruitment



'Enhancing Professionals'

Training Support

We provide comprehensive training to our clients on a continual basis on Personal and Corporate Safety, Risk Mitigation Strategies and Awareness. We also provide post training support services through our reliable team of trainers.  Our partnering with client organization creates comprehensive training and awareness support, providing valuable capability to assist, safeguard and secure impacted issues at its core. We identify, assess, review and enhance the effectiveness of existing measures within any organizations; and determine the level of mitigation through advisory and training services.

Customized Approach 

Our team of highly experienced advisers can deliver customized awareness and safety programs to meet the training requirements of any organizations. Our training are conducted with a mixture of interactive education interspersed with real-life scenario training, role plays and personal coaching. To help prime the trainees with high end capabilities, the course trainers offer the training in customized educational model and training solutions. With training, every personnel within an organization can be empowered with strategies any potential risks with positive outcome.

Our courses can be customized with training options for:

  • Personal Safety Awareness

  • Travel Safety

  • Terrorism Awareness

  • Crime Prevention

  • Conflict Management

  • Executive Protection

  • Security Drivers

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

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Advancing Resilience

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